Statement of Faith


We believe that JESUS CHRIST is GOD. HE is the Son of GOD who came down in the form of man in order to die for the salvation of mankind. HE was born in Bethlehem and grew up in the city of Nazareth. At the age of 33, HE was crucified at Calvary where HE shed HIS blood to redeem humanity from sin.

What was his mission?

Before CHRIST came, sinners have to continually sacrifice spotless animals (lamb, bulls etc) to atone for their sins. However the blood of bulls was not able to break the power of sin in the lives of these people. Hence it was necessary to have a permanent sacrifice of a sinless ‘ Lamb’ made once and for all for humanity. Given that all humanity are ridden with sin, JESUS (being the Son of GOD) came in the form of man to die for humanity as the permanent sacrificial lamb, so that whoever today believes in HIS name, the blood of JESUS atones for their sin.

How is that relevant to me?

There is no human being today who has not committed sin no matter how righteous they may claim to be. The law of GOD ALMIGHTY dictates that the wages of sin is death – just as today there are penalties for crimes, which can even be a death penalty in some places. People on their own can never be 100% pure in the sight of GOD i.e. no one can make him/herself righteous by their own strength or will power. However when we believe in the name of the LORD JESUS and confess our sins to GOD, GOD grants to us/imputes on us the righteousness of JESUS. This is similar to a rich person paying off your debt which you cannot pay off by yourself. From the moment we give our lives to JESUS, GOD sees us as righteous and washes away our sins. We also become a part of the family of GOD here on earth called the CHURCH.