We recognise the need not only as men, but as Christian men to fulfil our roles as leaders by first setting the right examples for our families. The Men’s fellowship creates the opportunity through small group activities, where men can be men in a Godly environment We aim to bring men together as a united Christian force, for fellowship, exchange of ideas concerning matters of faith, witness and service to God and other men.

VISION The purpose of RCCG (Victory Center) Men’s fellowship is to create an environment where men are motivated and encouraged to develop a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and, are challenged to discover, develop and use their spiritual and physical gifts to serve God.

[1]As part of our aims and objectives, we aspire to be involved in creating a powerful Church with a difference. The Men’s fellowship will seek to help men within the church to discover their God`s given talents and to find practical ways of channelling them to the service of the Lord.
[2] To create and sustain a friendly and healthy environment where Christian men may enrich their fellowship and spend quality time together, that will make them feel more like men, but importantly like men of God.
[3] To encourage all male members to become fully involved in the Men`s ministries.
[4] To invest time and resources into the lives of men and to make one-on-one connection with each other through shared activities, spiritual mentoring and modelling.
[5] To motivate and encourage our men to support the corporate vision of the Church and to work with their pastor
[6]To encourage the Men`s ministries to develop good working relationship with all other ministries in the church.
[7]To make it a priority to meaningfully engage with men of our church at least once a month for the purpose of fellowship, connectivity, accountability, prayer and productivity.
[8]Be good mentors to the younger men.

• Men`s monthly meeting
• Outreach program
• Sports day
• Annual retreat
• Conferences
• Fellowship--fast/prayer
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