About us


The Redeemed Christian Church of GOD (RCCG), Victory Centre Swindon is a new and vibrant church based on sound doctrine and where the emphasis is on living a practical Christian life in the present day. Our ultimate goal is to direct people to the saving grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST and to build up Christians who will be firmly grounded on the Word of GOD. These are done by using real life examples and also examples from the Word of GOD. The following are our core beliefs:

> We believe in the authority of the WORD OF GOD over every other human ideas or philosophies

>We believe in the salvation brought through the death and resurrection of our LORD JESUS CHRIST

> We believe in the power of prayer to change lives

> Our mission is to all people regardless of race or colour

We believe that the Bible is the final authority on all issues relating to human life and experiences including marriages, family life, work and the society in general. We also believe in effective evangelism and the expansion of the kingdom of GOD and our mission is not only to build a church, but to see people saved and added to the Kingdom of GOD. Hence we lay more emphasis on pleasing GOD than seeking wealth and riches. Over the years we have seen the hand of GOD working miracles of salvation, healing and financial breakthroughs in the life of people as they totally put their trust in GOD. We have various departments such as Evangelism, Children, Men, Women, Youth, Choir departments etc to cater for the need of the Church and the wider Swindon community. We invite you to come, taste and see that the LORD is good. May the ALMIGHTY GOD bless you as you come.

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