The Anointed Women of Victory Centre Swindon are devoted, spiritually minded and progessive group of women who are are working tirelessly
to empower and help all the women in the Church to grow spiritually, emotionally, materially and in every other aspects of their lives. They are key to helping
foster unity amongst the women and ensuring that they effectively play their role in every aspect of the Church life.

Some of the activities of the Women's department include but not limited to the following:
[1] Monthly prayer meeting during which prayers for families and for women-specific issues are made.
[2] Yearly Women conferences during which external speakers are invited.
[3] Funding/subsidising the attendance of conferences organised by the Central Office.
[4] Partnership with other Churches in organising prayer events and retreats.
[5] Mentoring and motivating younger women to become Godly women in their homes.
[6] Empowering women to reach their maximum potential in businesses and other secular activities.

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